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We tell stories of remarkable individuals in medicine.

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It Will Be Grand - Sarah's Cancer Journey

Last year, Sarah Stedman was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma with two tumors in her right knee. After nine months of chemotherapy, she went into remission. We first filmed her in her last week of inpatient chemo. She shared her frustrations as she eagerly waited to go home and recover.
Then, 8 months later, she returned to the hospital for a follow-up appointment. When we saw her walking and laughing, we were filled with emotions. It was incredible to witness. We ran to grab the camera and the result is a story of transformation.

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True to our name, HoM stories are influenced by the classic archetypal myth of the hero’s journey.  Myths like The Odyssey, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and even Star Wars offer valuable life lessons through a replicable narrative arc where the protagonist’s story follows the path to finding one’s destiny on a journey of transformation.  Throughout the journey the hero encounters grave danger, while overcoming these obstacles through the assistance of helpful guides. 

In medicine, the hero is the patient, the one who ventures on the path to healing with the help of a compassionate medical team to urge one through life’s threats.  Through each threshold, the hero proves the strength of his or her character on the way to following one’s individual calling. Our hope is that HoM film work can be a helpful guide to other patients traversing their perilous journey through illness, and furthermore, that these stories can inspire a greater and more humanistic care for all patients. 

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